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What is an Addiction, SUD/OUD, or Overdose?

  • Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse
  • Information on the Prescription Opioid and Heroin Epidemic
    • Publications, websites, organizations, and videos pertaining to resources used to combat prescription opioid abuse and the Heroin epidemic.
    • DEA
  • Teen Drug Use Statistics
  • Substance Use Disorder and Overdose: The Basics
    • This PDF presentation offers a better understanding of substance use disorders and overdoses, and is useful in approaching these subjects from a recovery-oriented point of view.
    • OverdoseFreePA Technical Assistance Center
  • Facts for Community Members
    • A Toolkit developed by SAMHSA to help community members understand opioids, overdose and the overdose epidemic.
    • SAMHSA
  • Documentary on The Life of an Opiate Addict
    • The documentary, Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict, aims at educating students and young adults about the dangers of addiction.
    • FBI and DEA
  • Empowering the Community
    • A PDF presentation with resources for combating the epidemic by empowering families and engaging communities.
    • OverdoseFreePA

How do I talk about it?

  • Understanding Heroin and Opioid and Taking Action
  • Assistance for Parents
    • A collection of resources to help parents talk to their children about drugs and treatment.
    • NIDA
  • Parents Staying Connected
    • This is a regularly updated Facebook page and blog, which provides information for parents on how to talk to kids at every age.
    • Parents LEAD
  • Connecting Families while Overcoming Addiction
    • The Support Group Project brings together a strong community of support by allowing you to search through local programs in your area and find one that most fits your needs.
    • The Support Group Project
  • Get Help to Help your Loved One
    • An informational flyer providing information for a non-crisis support line staffed by bilingual parent specialists who can answer questions and provide direction to concerned parents.
    • Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Connect to Treatment

  • Find Answers to Treatment Questions for Loved Ones
    • A resource page that explains answers to questions one may have about connecting their loved ones to treatment.
    • NIDA
  • Treatment Locator
    • This tool allows you to search for treatment near you or nationally.
    • SAMHSA

Event of an Overdose

  • Recognizing an Overdose
    • A PowerPoint presentation on overdose recognition and knowing how to help.
    • OverdoseFreePA

Safety Precautions

  • Safety Advice
    • A PDF brochure from that provides detailed advice on opioid safety and overdose prevention.
    • SAMHSA
  • Opioid Safety Brochure
    • A thorough explanation of opioid safety as well as overdose rescue.
    • OverdoseFreePA
  • Drug Take Back Boxes
    • Keeping old prescriptions can pose a danger to your family, and improper disposal can pose a danger to the environment. Here, you can find locations at which you can drop off old prescription medications for safe disposal.
    • DDAP
  • Safe Disposal of Medicine
    • Information on safe medicine disposal from the FDA.
    • FDA


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