What Information Will Treatment Facilities Ask Me?


In order to begin treatment, the facility may ask a variety of questions to better understand the individual and their needs. These questions are pertinent in ensuring that individual is in the right level of care and that the facility will be able to adequately treat them. It is important to answer the questions honestly so the treatment facility can give a clinical decision regarding their care. Each facility is individualized and if they are not able to assist the individual seeking treatment will offer alternative resources and phone numbers to facilities that are able to assist them.

Insurance and Drug Use History

  • What insurance does the individual seeking treatment have?
  • What is the individual’s drug of choice?
  • How much is the individual using? How often is the individual using? What is the route of administration?
  • What is the treatment history of the individual? How many treatment episodes?
  • Has the individual overdosed? How many times?
  • Does the individual experience seizures during withdrawal? How many and when?
  • Is the individual currently pregnant?

Criminal Justice History

  • Is the individual currently on probation or parole?
  • What is the criminal offense? Severity?
  • Does the individual have any outstanding warrants?
  • Is the individual involved in Drug Court? Any other diversionary program?

Physical Health History

  • Does the individual have any physical health concerns? Do they present barriers for treatment?
  • Is the individual diabetic? Is the patient insulin dependent?
  • Does the individual suffer from a seizure disorder? Is the patient stabilized on medications? Are medications taken as prescribed? When was the individual’s last known seizure?
  • Is the individual confined to a wheelchair? Any other mobility concerns?

Mental Health History

  • Does the individual have a diagnosed mental health disorder? What is the diagnosis?
  • Does the individual take medications? Is the individual stable on their medications? What are the medications.
  • Does the individual have a history of suicidal or homicidal ideations? How long ago? How often?

Other Considerations

  • Does the individual have children? Who will care for the children?
  • What is the individual’s housing status?
  • Is the individual employed?

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