Pike County

Strategic Plan Goals

  • Ensure that all residents of Pike County are well-informed on signs of a   Substance Use Disorder (SUD)/Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), treatment options, and recovery programs available in the community.
  • Eliminate stigma in Pike County
  • Ensure a continuum of care is available from early intervention through sustained recovery for all persons effected by Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in Pike County
  • Ensure all persons at high risk of overdose have access to naloxone, including trainings on administration and accompanied rescue/medical techniques (ex. rescue breathing).
  • Develop and utilize a harm reduction program for Pike County.
  • Increase coordination between law enforcement and public health entities in Pike County.
  • Recent Milestones

  • Carbon-Monroe-Pike Drug & Alcohol Commission opened a treatment location in Pike County, replacing Catholic Social Services in Milford. 
  • Task force leadership has transitioned to Chris Sorrentino and Shannon Wisniewski of CMP D&A. 
  • Major Coordinating Agencies

  • Narcan: Carbon-Monroe-Pike Drug & Alcohol Commission 
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