How do I get into Treatment?


Treatment services are available throughout Pennsylvania and in neighboring states. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides a list of all treatment facilities within the Commonwealth and neighboring states. This can be accessed here:

Please note, that the eligibility requirements for accessing treatment will depend on the patient’s insurance.
Center of Excellence Programs can assist individuals on accessing drug and alcohol services.

Centers of Excellence help ensure that people with opioid-related substance use disorder stay in treatment to receive follow-up care and are supported within their communities. The centers coordinate care for people with Medicaid, and treatment is team-based and “whole person” focused, with the explicit goal of integrating behavioral health and primary care.

A list of Center of Excellence Programs in the State of Pennsylvania can be found: http://www.dhs.pa.gov/citizens/substanceabuseservices/centersofexcellence/

What if I have Commercial Insurance?

There are a multitude of treatment options for an individual who has commercial insurance. The individual can call the treatment facility and determine eligibility and availability. The individual will need to be assessed by the facility. The individual will need to have insurance information readily available.

What if I have Medicaid?

Individuals with Medicaid will be able to attend treatment programs that the local SCA contracts with. Additionally, the SCA will assist with coordinating and/or providing the assessment that is needed to determine the best treatment options for that individual. Often times, an individual may be able to enter treatment immediately.

What if I have Medicare?

Individuals who have Medicare should begin by calling the number that is listed on their benefits card. This will determine eligibility requirements, as well as treatment facilities that are covered under their specific plan. Often times, the options for treatment may be limited. The SCA may be able to provide assistance for individuals with Medicare.

What if I am uninsured?

Individuals who do not have insurance should contact their county SCA. The SCA can provide funding for individuals who do not have insurance.

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