The third stage of the TAC Implementation Framework is Planning. At this stage, coalition’s have collected and assessed several local, state, and federal data sets to see the impact of the opioid epidemic in their area. Additionally, they have invited relevant local stakeholders and began meeting as a coalition. The highlight of this stage is the development of a data driven, three-year Strategic Plan that outlines the goals, strategies, and objectives that the coalition will work as their work towards their vision.

In addition to the development of a strategic plan, coalition’s are introduced to the Plan, Do, Study, Act Cycle. This is a strategy that helps coalition’s outline specific action steps at the end of each meeting and examine how they are implemented from month to month. The PDSA also allows groups to understand and work through barriers to implementation as they arise and ensure that there is continued progress towards accomplishing their goals.

For information on what coalition’s have included in their strategic plan, contact your local coalition here or visit local county coalition pages in our “Connect Locally Section” on the homepage.

Strategic Planning Workshop Outline

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PDSA Worksheet

Download the TAC PDSA Worksheet Here

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