Overdose Survivors in the ER: Seizing Opportunity within Tragedy

Hospital emergency rooms (ER) across the state are working to realize the potential for opportunity within the tragedy of Pennsylvania’s opioid epidemic. While caring for overdose survivors rescued from death, ERs are working to foster connections that could help those patients recover their lives. Read more […]

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Across Pennsylvania, heroin, pharmaceuticals, and other illicit drug use continues to increase leading to an unknown number of fatal and non-fatal overdoses. Within this mix of illicit drugs, there is one drug that is increasing in popularity more rapidly than others. Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 50x more potent that heroin and […]

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PA DHS Centers of Excellence

Pennsylvania leads the nation in the number of drug overdoses in men ages 12-25 and eighth among the general population. However, there are often waiting lists for a person seeking treatment. In 2015, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf allotted $15 million in behavioral health funds and medical assistance funding to create a series of 20 Opioid […]

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Everybody Matters

As many of you can tell from the recent news articles, social media, and perhaps your own life experiences, opiate overdoses are becoming an epidemic. In Washington County alone, we have had up to sixteen overdoses in one day. We have also suffered fatalities in some of those cases. There are, however, many resources and […]

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